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How to solve 0x80040116 error in Microsoft Outlook

When there is one especially annoying mistake in Microsoft View, then it must be mistake 0x80040116. Just picture that, for example: that you will be talking a consumer of yours on the phone. At some point you discuss meeting experience to handle (or by way of a video conference), and you tell him or her to put up for another as you check your calendar - on View, for a position on which you can put the meeting or video conference. Then you start your View plan (in obtain to gain access to the calendar), limited to it to don't lose, despite a few rapid trials - even while with your client waiting on the line. You decide to cut your loses, tell the client that you must contact later with a position for the meeting, and upon checking what was creating your View not to start, you understand that the culprit is mistake 0x80040116.

Here is how to solve [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] in Miscrosoft Outlook?

What was described above is of course just one of the conditions wherever Microsoft View Problem 0x80040116 may let you down. Other instances wherever mistake 0x80040116 may let you down, besides when attempting to start your View, is whenever you make an effort to start a .PST file - limited to it to don't start, returning the claimed mistake everytime you make an effort to start it. Incidentally, so long as you are using your Microsoft View application, odds are that you will be destined to find yourself needing to start one or another .PST file - because the working of the entire View plan is determined by the claimed PST files - indicating when your copy of View has developed mistake 0x80040116, you need to be ready for a lot of frustration. It is, in the end, in these .PST files that View shops pretty primarily its data, from your own connections that you keep inside, to past emails (both the ones that you return and the ones that you received) which it archives, in addition to the calendar entries that you produce in it.

Thankfully however, mistake 0x80040116 could be very simply fixed. The first faltering step to correcting mistake 0x80040116 is appreciating what it's that produces the mistake: namely the problem of the .PST index, that will be the reference file which tells View'what to find where.' When that index file is corrupted for whatever factors, View wants never to initialize itself or start any .PST files - and this is exactly what causes the sort of annoying condition we started our conversation with.H

Today there are two basic approaches to correcting mistake 0x80040116. One of these is just un-installing your entire View plan, and reinstalling it - and thence doing away with the problem in the .PST index file. That is, but, not a route you would want to get, when you get to understand that it indicates losing all your computer data (saved connections, archived emails, calendar details) and related issues that you have in your Outlook. Thankfully, there is a better way: utilizing one of many .PST fix tools which are in these days accessible (and some that can be downloadable from the Internet) - which are able to identify the problem in your .PST index file, and correct it, so that you will get your View working correctly again, and never having to chance losing any crucial data in the fix process

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